Emmy Awards Nominations

On July 19th, Kerry Washington (Scandal) and Jimmy Kimmel presented the nominees for this year’s 64th edition of the Primetime Emmy Awards.

The premiere festivities will take place in Los Angeles, on the 23rd of September.

So here are this year’s nominations: Continue reading


Review: A Thousand Words (2012)

Whatever happened to the actor who played in Beverly Hills Cops or Trading Places or, hell, even Coming to America? It appears, over the years, Eddie Murphy has become another dime-a-dozen actor and is content with it. Just like Nicholas Cage or Adam Sandler. Shame. Money trumps quality, I s’ppose.

A thousand words are 998 too many for what I have to say about this movie: not funny. The movie is about a literary agent, Jack McCall (Eddie Murphy) who lies his way through closing a book deal with a guru, Dr. Sinja (Cliff Curtis). The next day, a bodhi tree grows on his patio and it seems every time Jack says something, leafs fall off the tree; one word, one leaf. When the last leaf falls, Jack will die.

A typical one-man’s-journey movie, really: from the busy, never home, hotshot agent to family man. Continue reading