True Blood Season 6

Aaaand it’s official!

HBO has renewed True Blood for yet another season. Alan Ball is stepping down though, due to other projects he’ll be busy with for both HBO and Cinemax. He is staying as executive producer only.

Seasons’ 5 premiere had aprox. 6.7 mil viewers with roughly 4.5 for the rest of the episodes so far aired. If that wasn’t reason enough for a renewal, I don’t know what would’ve been.


This just in!

Even though it was a no-brainer, finally we have confirmation: Game of Thrones has been renewed for a third season! With an average of 8.3 million viewers for every episode, it’s not a complete shocker that HBO made this decision.

There’s been all this talk that the renewal would be for season 3 AND 4, but as that’s not the case, we’ll take what we can get so far.