Girls (2012) – Part Two

I stuck with this show, as promised, for a couple more episodes. Not to say I was expecting anything else, but it really doesn’t get any better.

If anything, the jokes are worse, the dialogue is even more pointless and idiotic. As far the characters go, they are so unlikable it’s amazing¬†anyone watches this show.

To be fair, I suppose it’s a matter of perception. If you would do and say the things they do and say, in your day-to-day life, then I guess you’ll like this show, to a point. Otherwise, no way! I seriously doubt there is anyone out there identifying with the characters, anyway.

Even the nude and sex scenes lost they’re shock value and that’s about as much as this show had going for it.


Review: Girls (2012)

I just finished watching the pilot for the new tv-show Girls, a series that premiered on HBO on April 15. I should’ve known after watching the teaser trailer that I’ll be disappointed.

It’s a comedy focused on a group of 4 friends ( ring any bells?) in their twenties, their day-to-day lives in NYC. ¬†One of the actors playing a main character, Lena Dunham is also the series creator, in collaborating with Jude Apatow.

Performance wise, nothing struck me, except maybe how much I disliked all of the characters but that’s maybe because they were written to be obnoxious and unlikable ( I reckon that’s not the case though).

I see nothing new, nothing original. Well except maybe for the uncomfortable, weird sex scene that happens in the pilot and the annoying, mindless dialogue. Also..4 friends, New York City, daily insight into their lives? Yeah, we’ve seen that before in the form of Sex and The City. With the tiny difference that SaTC was funny, smart, likeable and about powerful women in their mid 30’s/40’s and not whiny twenty year olds. Continue reading