Blacksheep (2006)

The reason why the word review is missing from my title is because there’s not much to analyse about Blacksheep. It’s a comedy/horror directed by Jonathan King, about a bunch of genetically modified sheep that turn into blood thirsty killers and go berserk on the people around.

Thing you need to understand is that sometimes I have serious cravings for a good horror and also, I almost never let the rating on IMDb influence my decision about watching a movie. With that, what a movie this was.  Guess I should’ve known after reading the info.

I assume the director was shooting for a movie similar with Wright’s Shaun of the Dead or Fright Night or Return of the Living Dead etc. Instead, the so-called scary, gory scenes are not-so-scary and the humor isn’t anything special either. It gets boring fast. But like a train wreck, I couldn’t stop watching.  Continue reading