Review: Gone (2012)

After returning home from work and noticing her sister has disappeared, Jill (Amanda Seyfried) is convinced that the same man who kidnapped her two years ago has taken her sister Molly aswell.┬áThe only problem is that the police don’t believe her story, thinking she made it up in the first place and so she sets to find her sister on her own.

Truly the only thing that saves this movie from being a complete disaster is Amanda Seyfried’s performance. She’s a talented actress and gives her character and this movie some believability. She plays it so that you’re never really sure if her character is indeed crazy and made everything up or there IS a criminal on the loose.

It’s nothing new; it’s doesn’t keep you on the edge of your seat, there isn’t any character development, the dialogue is boring, the whole story is too fast paced and the ending is a let down and confusing. Continue reading