A Taste of Things To Come – Grindhouse

Death Proof

Planet Terror

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A Stroke of Genius!

I know this doesn’t pertain to the film category or even art, as subjects I said I’ll tackle on this blog, but this is just so brilliant I knew I had to write a post about it.

I found a list of free online courses being offered by different universities such as Stanford, Yale or Berkley. I think this is amazing. No matter if you’re a student at one of those Univ. and you want to actually sign up for one of these courses and get credits for them or if you’re just interested in the subject, this is great! You have the opportunity of learning about something that interests you from a professor, watch and hear him talk and explain things etc. Because yes, the courses are in video format, either on YouTube or iTunes.

For those that can only be watched on iTunes, just remember you can download it for free.

1. Stanford University  YouTube

2. Penn State University  YouTube

3. UC Berkeley  YouTube

4. Yale  YouTube

5.  UCLA  YouTube

6. MIT  iTunes U Audio

The link will take you directly to that YouTube account’s playlist and from there on just..choose what you like. 🙂

Each Univ. offers a bunch of different courses, from sciences to history, business and lit. I fell in love with Yale’s Frontiers of Biomedical Engineering taught by Mark Saltzman.

Also, as far as I’ve seen, you can find links to the reading material, syllabus, everything you need, in the description box of each video.

Julian Richings – Supernatural scene

Since I mentioned Julian Richings in my other post and if you haven’t watched Supernatural, check this out.

Probably the most well done scene in this whole show: Death’s entrance in the episode “Two Minutes to Midnight” – Superntural S05E21.

It’s chilling, amazingly good, creepy, well shot, badass..and so on and so forth.

Song by Jen Titus.


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