AHS, The Walking Dead and Arrow

The three series I’m most excited for, this fall.

At this point, I have to recant my assessment of Revolution as “interesting and good” because it really, really isn’t. The lead actress makes me want to burn my PC and everything around it, just to be sure, every time she’s got screen time. And she’s got a LOT of screen time.


1. American Horror Story, Season 2. It was a BRILLIANT premiere episode, the show is just as good as the first season was. If there was ever any doubt about it, it’s safe to say Evan Peters is a great actor. He completely got into his new role, made it his own, got the accent down. Perfection.

Jessica Lange, bless her, is terrific. Equal parts scary, creepy, devious and strong. Can’t wait to see Quinto’s character, so glad he stayed for S2.

Overall, it was a superb episode and I like how they used the same storytelling technique as in season 1, present-past.

Also, it’s not Catholic bashing if that’s how nuns really were in 1964, it’s an accurate portrayal.


2. The Walking Dead is back, too! YAY!

The premiere was full of action and zombie-killing, which I really missed seeing. Sure, the last season was great, I loved the hard choices everyone was forced to make, the inner conflicts, the flawed characters, but Rick gunning down zombie after zombie? Now that’s what I’m talking ’bout!

His character has definitely changed and I’m sure we’re going to get to see a darker part of him. So excited.

And Michonne, with her sword and her two walker pets, IS AWESOME! Ninja style.


3. Arrow

One of my favorite superheroes. Yeah, yeah, I know, he’s not actually a “super”hero, he’s a regular human, but he’s badass. So glad they decided to make a series around his character.

It’s actually pretty darn good. Stephen Amell is great, as The Green Arrow, he’s got the whole “tortured, broken, badass hero” thing down, and it’s working for him, pretty well. Plus, ahem, he’s..eye candy.

I’m glad to see Paul Blackthrone in a show that actually makes sense and is good, unlike The River. He’s talented.

They made some changes to the original story. For example, dear Ollie actually kills people now, not just injures them, but it’s a cool new show and I’m going to keep on watching.






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