Review: Ice Age: Continental Drift 3D (2012)

Ice Age 4 walks that fine line between taking it too far with the franchise and showing us why it lasted this long in the first place and still the best parts of the movie were Scrat’s scenes.

It all starts with him, of course. In an effort to retrieve his acorn, Scrat somehow falls down to the center of the earth and jump-starts the division of the previously singular land into continents. As the land starts to split away, Many, Diego and Sid get separated from their friends and family. Sailing on an iceberg, they try to get back to Many’s family, as promised, all the while trying to escape greedy pirates and vicious sea creatures. 

I have to say, compared to the previous installments in the Ice Age franchise, this just wasn’t that funny. Or interesting.

We are introduced to a couple of new characters, such as Sid’s grandma, whose voice is provided by Wanda Skyes and Shira, one of the main bad guy turned good guy of the movie, voiced by Jennifer Lopez. Shira is basically the female version of Diego’s character during Ice Age 1, tough with a devil-may-care attitude. She also ends up being Diego’s girlfriend and helping the trio in the end. Predictable.

The whole pirate story felt very out-of-place and what’s up with the singing scenes?

Also, while I think Dinklage gave a solid performance voicing Gutt, the pirate captain, his character wasn’t all that interesting or scary.

If there’s one thing really great about the movie it’s the visuals. Solid and consistent throughout the series, the eye-catching animation makes good use of 3D.

For me, the only comic relief came from Scrat’s acorn-obsessed tunnel vision and Sid’s Granny, who’s a funny, yet cliché character. There were also a couple of notable one liners.

Going from one silly scene to another, with no real connection between them, Ice Age 4 is a movie for kids and kids alone and, I’m sure, pretty entertaining at that.




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