This is a half apologetic (again!), half review-ish-y (yes, I guarantee you that’s a word) post.

Yes, I have watched The Dark Knight Rises. Yes, I enjoyed it and had planned on writing a review for it. The very next day, while bored and looking for a show to watch, I stumbled on to Rookie Blue. Now, since I previously posted the Ice Age review, let me use an analogy for you that I think is very appropriate: I was Scrat and Rookie Blue was my acorn. Bam! Tunnel vision. I had to watch and finish that show. 

Rookie Blue is a Canadian drama cop show that revolves around the lives of five rookie cops from 15 Division and it’s a pretty good series, if I may say so myself.

I’ve always enjoyed this types of procedural shows, but when you’ve got one with inter-character relationships worthy of Gossip Girl, then you know you have a winner. I kid. Sorta.

Joke aside, it’s less repetitive than your usual procedural cop show ( see C.S.I etc) and the acting is pretty damn good. I fell in love with Missy Peregrym as the series main character, Andy “Always do Right” McNally and Charlotte Sullivan as the bitchy, yet awesome Gail Peck.

A lot of drama going around, even for a drama show, and it’s been advertised as Grey’s Anatomy but with rookie cops, yet it’s a solid, entertaining show and if cop shows are your thing, then I suggest you give it a try.

The Dark Knight review is still a-coming, today most probably. I do have to watch the movie, at least partially, again for I have the long term memory of a hamster.


2 thoughts on “Fifty-fifty

  1. I keep seeing random episodes of this show all out of sync. It seems pretty good, but I think I probably need to watch it from the beginning. 😛 In general I get bored of cop shows pretty quickly, but if they have more personal stuff going on then I tend to enjoy them a lot more, like Castle for instance.

    • Oh right, I really like Castle. And it does have more than cases and cop things, plus it’s not really similar to CSI for example. Less science-y stuff, more arrests and drama. It’s good 🙂


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