Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

The start of a new Spiderman trilogy, as it’s been heard through the grapevine, The Amazing Spider-Man is the best Marvel comics based movie of its kind so far. Also, one of my favorite superhero movies because..everybody loves their friendly neighborhood hero, right?

First of all, the casting was spot-on. If you thought Tobey Maguire did a good job as Peter Parker in the previous installments, then you’ll love Andrew Garfield.  He did an amazing job as the quirky, awkward, geeky Parker by day and funny, confident superhero by night.

This is one of the biggest things this movie has going for it I think, in comparison with the previous trilogy: it’s humor.  Whether he’s stuttering to get two words out in the company of his crush, Gwen (Emma Stone),  teasing a thief who’s trying to steal a car or swinging down the bridge yelling “Hey, watch out, I’m swinging here, I’m swinging here”, in true Midnight Cowboy way, Garfield provides an entertaining, funny performance.

His counterpart, Emma Stone, provides support and an equally great performance as Gwen Stacy, his love interest. Their scenes together are cute and charming, believable and compelling.  For those of you who don’t know who Stacy is and who’ve been crying for Mary Jane, I’ll have you know Gwen was an earlier romantic interest for Parker, before Watson, in the original comics.

Rhys Ifans plays Dr. Curt Connors, a scientist who used to work with Peter’s father in the field of cross-species genetics. He later on transforms himself while trying to regenerate his missing arm becoming The Lizard. Ifans is spectacular as the conflicted villan and plays his part with a hint of dramatism easily observed during his scenes with Garfield. He also gives the role ambiguity; even when he’s supposed to be one of the good guys, Ifans has a suspicious and distrustful feeling about him.

As I didn’t know much about the movie’s cast before actually watching it, I was pleasantly surprised to see Denis Leary in the role of Captain Stacy, Gwen’s father. He starts off as less than a fan of Spiderman and progressively understands the necessity of accepting Spiderman’s help. If you ever watched Rescue Me, then you know Leary’s a great actor and as such you should expect a perfect performance from him.

As always, it was a pleasure seeing Martin Sheen no matter how small or short his part was; he plays Parker’s uncle, Ben.

Even though the movie is based more on character development and on the relationships, the special effects were spectacular and the film is visually stunning. It’s also much more emotional than any of the Maguire ones.

Unlike the Spiderman trilogy, The Amazing Spider-Man stays truer to the original comics with the addition of the wrist-mounted web guns. Even if Raimi’s movies used the same idea for his web shooting, the guns were never visible letting you believe that Spiderman was actually shooting the web from his own body. This does indeed happen in the comics aswell, but much later.

If you’re one of those people who likes superhero flicks – and let’s face it, who doesn’t? – and you’re not yet tired of Spiderman, then you should definitely watch this movie.




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