Review: Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

Behold the magical powers of a good action movie! I did not find Kristen Stewart’s performance cringe worthy. Eh, don’t fret, I kid. Maybe.

As the second Snow White movie adaptation this year (Mirror Mirror is the other one), Snow White and the Huntsman brings yet another twist to the fairytale. Ravenna, the evil queen played by the lovely Charlize Theron, kills the king and imprisons Snow White in a tower. After years, when she’s of age, Snow escapes and hides into the Dark Woods. Unable to get to her through her powers, Ravenna sends Eric the huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) to bring the princess back. Only the huntsman becomes her protector and saviour and, in the end, helps her kill the evil queen. 

Almost two hours long, this was an hour too much if you ask me. After reading the short description for it, you’d think you’ll get at least one hour of non-stop fight mentoring between Eric and Snow. But no. After deciding to help her, he does give her one piece of advice about fighting, but that’s pretty much all the mentoring he does.

This is a slow, slooow movie. There were a couple of really good action scenes, the final battle aswell, but in between the pacing of this film was slow enough to put you to sleep. Some scenes weren’t at all necessary and lead to nowhere as far as story development goes. Also, all the close-ups on Kristen Stewart’s face while she was utterly quiet,just breathing, killed me!

Another bothersome thing was the love triangle because, sure enough, there was one. Useless? Yes. Confusing? Definitely. Up until almost the end we’re being fed bits and piece, hints, about the possible budding romance between Snow and her long-lost childhood friend William (Sam Claflin). He’s torn apart by not being able to rescue her when they were kids, he doesn’t hesitate to go after her once he finds out she’s alive and when they do find each other, she kisses him. And then we have Eric, who pretty much pats her on the head like she’s a kid half the movie, but whose kiss is the one that wakes her up. My, my, intrigue.

The end of the movie doesn’t make it less confusing as it doesn’t stick to the original “happy ending” fairytale way. My guess is, they’re saving that for the sequel, do you make a sequel for Snow White?

With that said, on to the parts that are good. Every single visual thing was great. Superb costumes, solid special effects, pretty great animations, terrific sets. They created a stunning world, but also dangerous and grim. The fighting scenes, especially the last one between Snow’s army and those glass warriors, were excellent. I expected nothing less from the producer of Alice in Wonderland. Too bad they were so few and well spread apart.

Performance wise, Charlize Theron stole the show. Even with no prejudice toward Stewart’s acting, one can’t deny that Theron was very, very good and completely eclipsed  everyone elses performances. She played it cruel, emotionless, passionless, enraged, avid, but also scared and vulnerable at times. She portrayed every emotion perfectly, transforming from the sweet woman about to marry the King to the cold-hearted monster Snow kills.

Both Hemsworth and Kristen Stewart did a good job, but I still felt like there was something missing from her performance. Whether calm or furious, I find Stewart very..monotone.

A hint of comedy came in the form of the dwarfs. Their interactions with Snow and the huntsman, their bantering between each other was fun, entertaining and a well needed break from the darkness around.

All in all, this was a good, not great, action/adventure movie. Definitely better than Mirror Mirror if we were to compare the two.


3 thoughts on “Review: Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

    • I just felt like the whole movie was based more on effects than on the characters. They come across as sort of bland I guess. With the exception of Charlize Theron, she’s great. It’s a decent movie though so do enjoy, the effects are awesome. 🙂

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