Angels’ Blood – Nalini Singh

Angels’ Blood is the first novel in the Guild Hunter series written by Nalini Singh. I know it’s not a movie or a tv show, but’s an urban fantasy/paranormal romance novel so it’s bound to be turned into a show soon enough, right? It sorta, kinda, almost, but not really fits, yeah? Good.

I’ve been on an urban fantasy bender lately, starting with Charlaine Harris, Illona Andrews (Kate Daniels series-really good), Patricia Briggs (Mercy Thompson series-again..really good),  Chloe Neill ( Chicagoland Vampire series- my fave), Richelle Mead (VA and Georgina Kincaid series) and so on and so forth. All books I thoroughly enjoyed. So when my friend recommended the Guild Hunter series as “great” I figured why not? Being on the bender and all.

It might be the number of urban fantasy books I’ve read so far, raising me to the status of absolute expert, it might be because of Singh’s predictable writing, it might just mean I’m psychic, I’m not sure. But I was 99% sure I knew how this book was going to end three lines into chapter two. Still I gave it a shot and read it till the end and while I did like some parts, the scale tips in favor of the parts I didn’t like.

The book is about Elena Deveraux, who’s a vampire hunter/bounty hunter really for the Guild, in a world governed by angels and archangels who Make and keep vampires as pets/companions/servants/whatever else you can think of. All’s well and good until she’s hired by the Archangel Raphael to hunt for an archangel gone bad.

The way the vampires get made and how the archangels are in charge of different continents or areas in a country was definitely something interesting and new. But that’s about it.

From the first chapter, Elena is described as being beautiful, blue eyes, blonde hair, perfect figure, you name it. Also, the writer hints to the fact that she’s single, very, very, completely, totally, for ever and ever single. Alrighty Captain Obvious, so she’s definitely getting together with Raphael by the end of the book, right? Right.

Raphael is, of course, amazingly and out of this world gorgeous, but also very dangerous. She knows nothing about him, he knows nothing about her ( apart from what he gathers from his secret file he keeps on her uuuuhh) and who cares he’s trying to kill her or frighten her or threaten her half the book? We all know he loves her deep down. Obviously! she’s totally attracted to him and in love with him too.

I mean, seriously now, who in their right mind would stay away from a cruel being who threatens their existence every step of the way? Not Elena. He’s pretty so, hell, let’s have sex.

Maybe I would have had no problem with the obvious ( creepy and deranged) budding romance of theirs if the book had an actual plot, some meat to it. 75% sexual innuendos, awkward scenes between the two, playing cat and mouse, 20% of the book we get to meet  prettier ( not prettier than Raphael) angels and archangels and the rest (yes, 5%) gore, gore, bodies, blood and oh, did I mention gore?

Further on, maybe I would have liked the book more if those damn 75% were written well. Alas..Miss Singh, a piece of advice for future reference: vulgar and dirtier does not (necessarily) a better sex scene make.

Hopefully you’ve got my drift until now. No, I will not be reading the next book in the series.

Ugh, wasted time. Unfortunately, if I start in on a book, unless extremely boring and sleep inducing ( say..The Hollows) I have to, need to finish it. With that I conclude my rant.

PS: If you have any ideas on how an archangel with huge wings can wear T-shirts and coats, do share with the class.


4 thoughts on “Angels’ Blood – Nalini Singh

  1. “PS: If you have any ideas on how an archangel with huge wings can wear T-shirts and coats, do share with the class.” HAHA, HA! Touche my friend, touche. 🙂

    You mentioned a Hollows book that made you fall asleep? Who was the author? Because I read one with the same or a similar title by an author called Jessica Verday and it was one of the worst books I’ve ever read! But if it’s not the same book, maybe the title is just jinxed 😉

    • Haha thank you! The Hollows is a book series by Kim Harrison. I barely read the first chapters of the first book, Dead Witch Walking, before literally falling asleep with it in my hands. I don’t know the book you’re speaking of..any good?:D

      • Ohh right cool 🙂 Wow, it really must of been bad to not get past the first few chapters.

        Haha, no the one I read was terrible, one of the worst books I’ve read to date! It was just really badly written, a boring and very slow story and the protagonist who was supposed to be in her early teens, came across as acting like a 40 year old. Very, very strange book! 🙂

      • Ohhh haha okay. Yeah, I kinda hate that. Autors who want to write in a young character and somehow manage to write it sounding either old or out of this world lol.


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