Review: Mirror Mirror (2012)

Warning: spoilers ahead!

Mirror Mirror is the retelling of the fairy tale of Snow White, directed by Tarsem Singh (Immortals).

I’ve been dying to see this movie since I’ve first seen the trailer for it and let me just tell was such a disappointment.

Just like the original fairy tale, the story is about Snow White, who after losing her father, is left with an evil stepmother. After The Queen tries to kill her and Snow is banished to the woods, she meets the seven dwarfs who eventually help her take back the kingdom. And those are pretty much the only similarities between the actual fairy tale and this movie. Oh, those and of course the charming prince (Armie Hammer).

This movie was such a travesty. The seven dwarfs are actually rebels who live in the woods and steal from people, the prince is bewitched by The Queen and turned into a whimpering man (??) with puppy dog love for her and Snow White joins the dwarfs in being a rebel and is trained by them to fight and steal.

The ending is a far cry from the original as well, with an ending scene that deserved to be in a Bollywood movie; they all break out in dance, like the kingdom apparently did before the evil Queen ruled, to the song I Believe in Love by Lily Collins ( listen to it, you’ll get what I’m saying).

Almost none of the characters had any depth, some written silly, way over the top and others really dumbed down. Snow White, played by none other than the aforementioned Lily Collins, is truly annoying, as the Queen says.

Julia Roberts as the Queen is the one who steals the show. She’s great, even though her character doesn’t seem to be THAT evil. She’s funny, a great actress and does her part really well.

On to the good parts now. The sets and costumes are beautiful, as well as the animations used in the beginning of the movie. Singh went all the way with them and did a good job.  And to give credit where credit’s due, the movie is fairly funny for the first part.

Maybe I’m too big of a fan of the fairy tale or maybe I just don’t like change all that much, but I feel they could’ve done a better job if they didn’t change things up. Not this much, anyway. I actually thought it was a parody, before checking on IMDb to make sure.


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