Angels’ Blood – Nalini Singh

Angels’ Blood is the first novel in the Guild Hunter series written by Nalini Singh. I know it’s not a movie or a tv show, but’s an urban fantasy/paranormal romance novel so it’s bound to be turned into a show soon enough, right? It sorta, kinda, almost, but not really fits, yeah? Good.

I’ve been on an urban fantasy bender lately, starting with Charlaine Harris, Illona Andrews (Kate Daniels series-really good), Patricia Briggs (Mercy Thompson series-again..really good),  Chloe Neill ( Chicagoland Vampire series- my fave), Richelle Mead (VA and Georgina Kincaid series) and so on and so forth. All books I thoroughly enjoyed. So when my friend recommended the Guild Hunter series as “great” I figured why not? Being on the bender and all.

It might be the number of urban fantasy books I’ve read so far, raising me to the status of absolute expert, it might be because of Singh’s predictable writing, it might just mean I’m psychic, I’m not sure. But I was 99% sure I knew how this book was going to end three lines into chapter two. Still I gave it a shot and read it till the end and while I did like some parts, the scale tips in favor of the parts I didn’t like. Continue reading


True Blood – Differences between the show and the books.

I recently got reminded I have yet to finish reading all of the books in the Sookie Stackhouse series so, naturally, I started reading from book one, all over again. Because it’s such a long series, and mind you the last book isn’t even out yet, it was kind of necessary rereading just to keep up with characters and certain plot twists I might have otherwise forgotten.

I’m a fan of the tv show, True Blood, aswell. After reading the first 4 books in the series, I got to thinking about the differences between the two.

The four seasons out so far ( look out, season 5, incominggg!) are loosely based on those 4 books. I’ll only compare these books to the seasons.

Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD! for all of you who are not up to date with either the show or the books.  Continue reading

Review: Mirror Mirror (2012)

Warning: spoilers ahead!

Mirror Mirror is the retelling of the fairy tale of Snow White, directed by Tarsem Singh (Immortals).

I’ve been dying to see this movie since I’ve first seen the trailer for it and let me just tell was such a disappointment.

Just like the original fairy tale, the story is about Snow White, who after losing her father, is left with an evil stepmother. After The Queen tries to kill her and Snow is banished to the woods, she meets the seven dwarfs who eventually help her take back the kingdom. And those are pretty much the only similarities between the actual fairy tale and this movie. Oh, those and of course the charming prince (Armie Hammer). Continue reading

Girls (2012) – Part Two

I stuck with this show, as promised, for a couple more episodes. Not to say I was expecting anything else, but it really doesn’t get any better.

If anything, the jokes are worse, the dialogue is even more pointless and idiotic. As far the characters go, they are so unlikable it’s amazing anyone watches this show.

To be fair, I suppose it’s a matter of perception. If you would do and say the things they do and say, in your day-to-day life, then I guess you’ll like this show, to a point. Otherwise, no way! I seriously doubt there is anyone out there identifying with the characters, anyway.

Even the nude and sex scenes lost they’re shock value and that’s about as much as this show had going for it.

American Horror Story – Season 2

Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe and Zachary Quinto.

A “thank God” is in order as American Horror Story’s creator, Ryan Murphy, revealed that he is keeping Jessica Lange, Zachary Quinto (Yes!!), Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe as part of season’s two cast.

He also said that they will be playing completely different characters and that the show will be taking place in a different house, different part of the US actually.

The location for season 2 is a mental institution for the criminally insane, located on the east coast, with Lange’s character as chief.  The story will have nothing to do with season 1 and will take place in a completely different time period.

I cannot wait to see what Murphy has in store for the second season and how exactly he plans on keeping the same people as different characters. Then again, it’s AHS, anything is possible. Waiting until Fall is plain torture.



Review: This Means War (2012)

This Means War is an action/rom-com film directed by McG or Joseph McGinty Nichol. You probably ( or not) know him as being the executive producer of Supernatural, Nikita, Chuck and so on. 

The plot of this movie is easy and not something we haven’t seen before : two guys fight to try to win over a girl.  FDR Foster (Chris Pine) and Tuck (Tom Hardy) are two CIA agents who happen to start dating the same woman, Lauren (Reese Witherspoon).  The moment they realize that they’re both dating Lauren, they turn everything into a best man wins wager.

First twenty minutes or so of the movie, we get to see their relationship as partners and best friends and their covert mission. I have to say Pine and Hardy do have good on-screen chemistry and make their friendship very believable. Continue reading

Sherlock – Season 3

The series co-producer, Mike Gatiss just revealed some new information on season 3.  Apparently the first episode will be based on the short story “The Adventure of the Empty House” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

He’s coming back!! Not that we didn’t know it wasn’t going to happen.

Unfortunately for fans, filming is scheduled to start in 2013.  It’s a long wait.

Until then, you can look forward to seeing The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, with Martin Freeman (Watson) as Bilbo Baggins or the Star Trek sequel, featuring Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) as Khan Noonien Singh.


Related news: CBS is doing an adaptation based on Sherlock Holmes stories ( either inspired by the success of Sherlock UK or by the latest Sherlock Holmes movies), a show  named Elementary.  The big reveal was when they said that the role of Watson will be played by Lucy Liu, because’s Joan Watson! An interesting twist to the story and one I’m not sure will work so well if they immediately put Sherlock and Watson in a “will they/won’t they” relationship.

“A modern take on the cases of Sherlock Holmes..” they say. Sound familiar? Go check out the IMDb page for Sherlock UK and you’ll see what I mean.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


It is official! Supernatural has been renewed for an 8th season. After a tweet that has mysteriously disappeared from 
Todd Aronauer’s twitter account, the news hit some of the most important spoilers websites.

Fans, rejoice. After some other news, earlier this year, about how season 7 is going to end, it’s really good they decided to renew it for another season. 🙂

The Metamorphosis

The Metamorphosis is a short novella by Franz Kafka, published in 1915. Maybe one of his lesser known works, in comparison to novels like The Trial and Amerika, it’s considered one of the most important works of fiction in literature of the 20th century.

I read this not so long ago and have tried and succeeded in not reading any reviews/explanations/discussions about it before writing this post. That is mostly because I want what I express about the book to be my own ideas and not be influenced by outside sources. I’m truly curious if you would define my interpretation of this book as correct.

Of course, I believe that a written text, a book is open to a multitude of interpretations and it’s all about perception.

With that being said, I think the key to understanding this really odd novella is the title, metamorphosis.

1. A transformation, as by magic or sorcery.
2. Biology A change in the form and often habits of an animal during normal development after the embryonic stage. Metamorphosis includes, in insects, the transformation of a maggot into an adult fly and a caterpillar into a butterfly and, in amphibians, the changing of a tadpole into a frog.

The first definition is in direct connection to what happens to the main character. A fairly succesful traveling salesman by the name of Gregor Samsa, wakes up on day and realizes he’s been transformed into a giant insect. We never get any explanation as to how or why it happened, just an account of what follows and how his family treats him. Apparently unable to understand him, though he could still understand them, his parents and his sister take care of him for a time, while at the end deserting him to his death.

To understand this book better you have to look as Samsa as one character and his family as the other character. While one goes from a normal human being with a job ( a job on which the whole family relied) to turning into a huge insect and eventually dying, his family goes through an equally important transformation or metamorphosis, if you will.

From being hopeless and needy and dependent on Gregor and his job, they feel an immense sense of relief when he dies, but they have hope and plans again and means of sustaining the family without the help of Gregor anymore.

That is where the second definition of the word metamorphosis fits, I believe. It’s like watching the short life of a butterfly for each character, only starting in different life stages.  The family blossoms at the end, turning into the butterfly, while Samsa starts there and in the end dies. This is not to say that the insect he finds himself transformed into is a butterfly, it’s just a metaphor.

Anyway, this is just how I interpret and understand the book. Other thoughts and opinions are more than welcome 🙂



Review: 21 Jump Street (2012)

21 Jump Street is an action/comedy movie based on the tv series of the same name from back in 1987. Two failed cops are sent back to high-school, in an undercover mission, to try to bring down a drug ring.  A far cry from the original series, this was one entertaining movie!

Schmidt and Jenko, former classmates, meet again at the police academy and despite them never being friends, they end up just that, helping each other to graduation. After a failed arrest attempt and a disgraceful mistake, they end up being reassigned to a new division on 21 Jump Street. And this is where the fun starts.

The two main characters, Schmidt and Jenko, are played by Jonah Hill ( Superbad) and Channing Tatum (Dear John, Step Up). I have to say, despite my belief that the latter is well..a bad actor, this was one Tatum movie that I really enjoyed.  Continue reading