Blacksheep (2006)

The reason why the word review is missing from my title is because there’s not much to analyse about Blacksheep. It’s a comedy/horror directed by Jonathan King, about a bunch of genetically modified sheep that turn into blood thirsty killers and go berserk on the people around.

Thing you need to understand is that sometimes I have serious cravings for a good horror and also, I almost never let the rating on IMDb influence my decision about watching a movie. With that, what a movie this was.  Guess I should’ve known after reading the info.

I assume the director was shooting for a movie similar with Wright’s Shaun of the Dead or Fright Night or Return of the Living Dead etc. Instead, the so-called scary, gory scenes are not-so-scary and the humor isn’t anything special either. It gets boring fast. But like a train wreck, I couldn’t stop watching. 

It’s so bad actually, that’s it’s funny. You know, those kind of movies? Sad thing is that the funny parts aren’t the ones that were meant to be funny(the dialogue, jokes).

It’s not going to win ANY awards, ever, but if you want 90 minutes of “oh my god, did they just do that? ridiculous! ha” then go ahead and watch it. Trust me, you’ll have a higher bad movies threshold afterwards.

(Not so) Teeny tiny spoiler: they manage to gather all the sheep in a barn and kill them off by throwing a Zippo lighter (in slow motion), that causes the barn to explode ( because the sheep were emitting methane, of course). Yeah, it’s THAT good!




4 thoughts on “Blacksheep (2006)

    • Ohh god yes hehe. But there’s usually means to spot them. If it’s a horror/thriller and it’s about mutated sheep/bunnies/butterflies or whatever, it’s probably not good haha.


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