Review: Bag of Bones (2011)

Bag of Bones is a TV mini-series based on the eponymous Stephen King novel. It tells the story of novelist Mike Noonan who, after loosing his wife in a car accident, retreats to their lakeside house in Maine, where he accidentally gets involved in a custody battle and starts receiving weird messages, supposedly from his dead wife.

Seeing as I haven’t read King’s novel, I couldn’t say how closely they followed the book while making this series or if they steered off, but I will say this: the end result was good.

Starring as Mike Noonan is Pierce Brosnan and it was great seeing him in something else other than action movies.  He’s great as a newly widower and his performance throughout the movie is credible.

The series is split in two 80 something minute episodes and I will admit that the story was a bit dragged out and slow to develop during the second one. But the beautiful scenery, the good acting, great soundtrack all helped in making me forget about the slow pace. 

As far as special effects go, the main problem was consistency; some were good and some were mere decent, but they still got the job done.

Two characters, besides Brosnan’s, are truly worth mentioning: Max Devore (one side of the custody battle) and Rogette Whitmore( Max’s caretaker I suppose). Good, consistent, creepy, eerie performances right there, I tell ya.

I’ve read a lot of reviews before and after watching this series and I have to say I was surprised at the amount of people who said this was crap. I guess if you have read the book, then the series falls short. For someone who hasn’t read it though, Bag of Bones provides a good, entertaining, scary 4 hour show.

Oh and a special mention for..wait for it: none other than Julian Richings, who has a small part in the show as Elmer Durgin, the attorney handling the custody battle. It is always amazing seeing him in absolutely anything, really. I have been a huge fan since his recurring gig on Supernatural, playing Death. He’s just amazing!

Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Melissa George, Annabeth Gish, Anika Noni Rose, Matt Frewer, William Schallert, Julian Richings.



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