Tv Shows: Old and New.

These are a bunch of shows that I watch/watched and found to be great.  Of course, it’s all a matter of personal taste but still I think you should give them a shot, unless you’ve already did so.  They’re in alphabetical order. Bear with me people, I do watch a LOT of tv-shows heh. Let me just apologize in advance for the length of this post.

1. American Horror Story – 2011 – Drama,Horror, Mystery

It’s about a family of three who moves to Los Angeles in this mansion only to discover that it’s haunted. The story is good, compelling and actually scary and the actors, while some relatively unknown, do a great job.

Cast: Evan Peters, Jessica Lange, Dylan McDermott, Frances Conroy, Connie Britton, Zachary Quinto.

This show has already been renewed for a second season and this season will keep some of the original cast playing different characters, but that’s it. It’s a mini-series actually, each season having to do with a different haunting.

One of the best horror series at the moment, really.

2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer – 1997-2003 – Action,Drama,Fantasy

Mock away people, but I still consider Buffy one of my top 10 favorite shows ever.  It might come across as a teen-show with the supernatural element: pretty blonde girl fights vampires and falls in love with one and so on and so forth. But if that’s your overall impression of this show, it either means you didn’t understand it or you didn’t have the patience to stick with it further than season 1. This show is about so much more;it’s about good vs evil, love, life and death, religion and so much more.  Yes, it does come fully packed with silly dialogue and stupid jokes, but that’s just for comic relief.  And it becomes so dark and grim  in the later seasons, that it’s just so damn good. has one of the best tv characters  ever, Spike, and you get the chance to hear the very talented Mr Anthony Head sing a few times.

Cast: Sarah Michelle Geller, Nicholas Brendon, Alyson Hannigan, James Marsters, Anthony Head, David Boreanaz.

3. Carnivale – 2003 – Drama,Fantasy,Mystery

This show primarily focuses on two characters: Ben Hawkins (Nick Stahl), a farm boy and preacher Justin Crowe (Clancy Brown). They both posses mysterious powers and have an inexplicable connection with each other.  Hawkins is picked up by a travelling carnival and in time starts to realize the significance of his powers and dreams and how they’re related to a man who used to be a part of the carnival. All the while, brother Crowe grows increasingly dangerous and pious. Set during the Great Depression, this show really is a gem and more than beautifully shot and acted.

It’s a shame they chose to cancel it, but fear not, towards the end, you do get explanations to what’s been happening.

Cast: Michael J. Anderson, Nick Stahl, Clancy Brown, Clea DuVall.

4.  Game of Thrones – 2011 – Adventure,Drama,Fantasy

I really don’t think I need to say how great this series is, again. The second season just premiered on HBO and it’s just as good and well-acted as the first one. Actually, no. If it’s possible, Dinklage is doing an even better job than in the first season.  If you want to read more about GoT, check out my earlier post.

Cast: Lena Heady, Sean Bean, Michelle Fairley, Emilia Clarke, Peter Dinklage.

5. Gilmore Girls – 2000-2007 – Drama,Family,Comedy

It’s a drama rom-com that focuses around the relationship between a mother and her daughter living in the fictional town Stars Hollow. I agree that this may be a show mostly for women, but it is so well done, so smart and witty and funny, that you’d be a fool not to give it a chance, at least.  Lauren Graham was definitely made for her role as Lorelai Gilmore in this show. It has a brilliant cast including Alexis Bledel as Rory Gilmore, Kelly Bishop as Emily Gilmore and Edward Herrman as Richard Gilmore. Also Scott Patterson, Keiko Agena, Melisa McCharty. And if that’s not enough of a reason to watch this, then trust me when I say after just a few episodes you will be up to date with your pop culture references, literary one and have a full repertoire of witty comebacks.

6. Harper’s Island – 2009 – Drama, Horror, Mystery

Harper’s Island is a mini series centered around 25 people, family and friends, who gather on the island to celebrate Trish and Henry Dunn’s wedding (Katie Cassidy and Christopher Gorham). The island was once the place of a horrible murder spree and now one by one people start dying again.

It’s very addictive, it’s cleverly written, keeps you on the edge of your seat and guessing. The reveal is completely unexpected and that’s all I’m going to say about it. At first I was disappointed they chose to make only 13 episodes, but then I understood it was the only way to end a great series and there really wasn’t anywhere to go from there.

Cast: Elaine Cassidy, Katie Cassidy, Cristopher Gorham, Mat Barr, Gina Holden, Jim Beaver.

7. House M.D. – 2004 – Drama, Mystery

It’s a show about an anti-social doctor who specializes in diagnostic medicine and who will stop at nothing to figure out puzzling cases. He’s Head of Diagnostic Medicine, a genius and a jerk.

I understand why some people might not like this show; because it’s so repetitive, with a different case every episode which House solves. BUT that is not why you should watch it; the reason is Hugh Laurie as Dr Gregory House, who is so brilliant in portraying the maverick doctor, cranky, cynical and sarcastic as he is, often saying inappropriate things.

If I have any problems with this show, is that they didn’t manage to write a part for Mr Laurie’s long time friend Stephen Fry, another great actor. 🙂

Cast: Hugh Laurie, Omar Epps, Robert Sean Leonard, Jesse Spencer, Lisa Edelstein, Jennifer Morrison.

8. Sherlock- 2010 – Crime,Drama, Mystery

The show is a modern uptake on the story of the brilliant detective Sherlock Holmes and his friend John Watson. Set in the 21st century London, Sherlock is a consultant for the police and doctor Watson is an Afghan war veteran.  The choice to play Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch, is an excellent one. Cumberbatch delivers the show completely. He plays it arrogant, cocky, sarcastic, annoying and makes for a fantastic Sherlock. His counterpart, Martin Freeman( Watson) is damn good aswell.

The writing is clever, witty, suspenseful, genuinely funny where need be. A show you absolutely need to watch!

Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Rupert Graves, Mark Gatiss.

9. Supernatural – 2005 – Drama,Fantasy,Horror

The show is about two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, who are hunters – they hunt monsters -looking for their missing father. Each episode focuses on a different legend or monster(Lady in White, vampires etc) and on bits and pieces of the story arc of the season.

It’s not crazy original, but it is awesome. Very funny, a whole lot of action, good writing and great characters.

Cast: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Jim Beaver, Misha Collins, Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

10. The Walkind Dead – 2010 – Drama,Horror,Thriller

I know you’re thinking “how can a show about zombies be entertaining for more than half an hour, when not even most zombie movies are?”. And yes, I asked myself the same question, but I still have it a shot and man, am I glad I did. This is a great show. It’s about a group of people who try to survive in a world overrun by walkers (zombies).

It is based on a comic book series by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard, called..yes, The Walking Dead.

It excels in the character development category, it has believability, it’s constantly brilliant,  well written, well acted and the make-up is as good as it is scary.

It’s a great show.

Shows that didn’t make the list, mainly because they’re not brilliant, but they are still enjoyable:

Burn Notice, Being Human UK, Californication, Glee, Haven, Heroes ( great first two series, increasingly disappointing afterwards), Lie to Me, Luther, Merlin (really good), Misfits (only the first 2 seasons), ReGenesis, Revenge, Skins UK, Smash, True Blood, Two and a Half Men( the season with Charlie Sheen).

Last but not least, shows that I am looking forward to watching:

1. Boardwalk Empire

2. Downton Abbey

3. Friday Night Lights

4. Justified

5. Mildred Pierce

I’ve watched a lot of shows, but the rest weren’t worth mentioning.


7 thoughts on “Tv Shows: Old and New.

  1. Oooooh, you included my top three favorite shows 1. Buffy I lovelovelovelovelove Buffy!!! And Spike is just the best character ever created 😛
    Gilmore Girls is fantastic and just so refreshing.
    Supernatural – well it’s pretty amazing for the same reasons you mentioned!
    Great selection 🙂

    • Thank you so much! Ohhh yes Buffy. I remember watching Buffy when I was a kid and not thinking much of it. Then years later, on a slow afternoon, I started watching again, from season 1 and I loved it! As for Spike..probably my fave character in that entire series and that’s saying something because I’m a huge fan of Anthony Head (Giles) and I really liked Xander’s character too.
      Gilmore Girls is a show I probably watched 5 times so far hehe.
      Supernatural..I’m so hoping they will renew it for an eight season. All signs point to a renewal, but I’ll sleep better when we have confirmation 🙂

      • No problem! 🙂 Same! I started watching it because I was off school ill, I think I came in at the second half of season 5 – and then rushed off to buy all the boxsets hehe, I’ve watched it so many times since. Yeah, I know a heck of a lot of people prefer Angel…but I just felt that Spike had so much more depth, and heart. Also, I was never a fan of Riley 😛 Ahh yes good ol’ Xander.
        I hope they renew Supernatural too!

      • Riley was a “good lil soldier” and I always hated that. Also he gave her that crappy ultimatum and then came back with a wife …meh. And Angel..he was awesome when he was soul-less and bad, and whiny when he had a soul 🙂 Spike was sooo much fun, even when he was bad and had such charm and charisma.
        I think I’ve watched Once More With Feeling, the musical episode..a dozen times. 😛

      • Haha omg me too! “They got the mustard” “I’m telling you please no! It isn’t right it isn’t fair, there was no parking anywhere, I think that highdrent wasn’t there! Why can’t you let it go?” LOL. I love that episode, My other favorites are Hush Hush, Beer Bad and Pangs 🙂
        I agree with you about Angel, exactly my thoughts as well.


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