AHS, The Walking Dead and Arrow

The three series I’m most excited for, this fall.

At this point, I have to recant my assessment of Revolution as “interesting and good” because it really, really isn’t. The lead actress makes me want to burn my PC and everything around it, just to be sure, every time she’s got screen time. And she’s got a LOT of screen time. Continue reading

Upcoming: The Man With The Iron Fists

I’m not a huge fan of Lucy Liu and she’s one of the leading ladies in this upcoming movie, but I am a HUGE fan of both Eli Roth, who wrote and produced this, and Tarantino, who lent his name to the movie –  “presented by”.

Some of the action/fighting scenes in the trailer remind me of Kill Bill, which is cool because I liked both of Tarantino’s KB films.

And honestly? Check out the trailer. Who cares it’s Liu, visually, this movie is orgasm-inducing. *drools and watches trailer again*


Scheduled for release on November 2. Uhm, yes, please! o.O

Review: Looper (2012)

Looper IMDb

The year is 2044. Joe is a Looper, an assassin paid to kill targets sent from the future – the year 2074 when time travel has already been invented. All’s well and dandy until Joe finds out the mob from the future is closing the loop on assassins, sending their future selves back in the present to be killed.

I love time travel movies, when they’re done well, and Rian Johnson (the director) didn’t disappoint me. Much.  Continue reading

Oh, Merlin!

BBC One’s season 5 premiere of Merlin was incendiary! Awesome! Amazeeeebaaaalllssssss!

From the looks of the first episode, it’s going to be a better, very interesting – maybe Merlin finally confesses to Arthur? – season. It’s darker, sexier and we get more of the Arthurian legends and mythology.  You can easily see that the characters are more grown up and there’s a slight change in the relationship between Merlin and Arthur, too.

Merlin’s no longer a mere servant who walks by Arthur’s horse, he’s a trusted friend. The way these two tease and mock each other is hilarious.

I noticed better special effects as well.

Morgana is to be feared, as always – she’s such a nasty, delicious, great villain, and Gwen looked positively gorgeous in that velvety red gown. So glad we’ll get to see more of her, what with being a queen now.  And Mordred! Ohh, isn’t he a creepy one? Lovely!

If it were possible, I’d watch all the episodes right now. Now, now, now.


Fall 2012: New Series

Obviously not all of the new tv shows part of the 2012-13 network TV season have premiered, with some scheduled as late as Midseason, but I’m going to update the list as they come out so keep checking back.